Casa Begues


Casa Begues is a single-family house project in the municipality of Begues, Spain, created by the Catalan architect Francesc Viñas. The town is characterized by its mountainous region, formed mostly by the Garraf Massif, which includes some uniquely scenic mountain peaks, such as the Montau peaks. The building is characterized by its elegant composition and the abundance of natural light that streams through the house, thanks to the number of windows and bays. Petralava 60 X 120 floor tiles in sand colour have been used for the house's indoor areas and this same material, with a non-slip finish, is also found in the outdoor area by the pool. This combination of both products creates a feeling of spaciousness and continuity between the indoor and outdoor environments, as well as being an option that perfectly complements the aesthetic aspect of the material with its technical aspect.

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